carVertical Vs AutoDNA

Which is the best source for car history reports?


Do yourself a favor and go through this 4-minute article about carVertical vs AutoDNA vin decoders if you're looking for a pre-owned BMW, Skoda, VW, Audi, or any other make. You'll learn how a VIN decoder may help you buy a trustworthy and safe-to-drive secondhand vehicle.

Let's be honest: There hasn't been a better moment to buy a used automobile than right now. Not only are there more excellent pre-owned cars to select from, but you also get the opportunity to understand exactly what you're paying for before giving your money. You'll probably know more about the car you're buying than the seller does because of vehicle history reports given by platforms like carVertical or autoDNA.What's the solution? Simple…

For the price of a Starbucks coffee, you may gain access to data from numerous registries in the United States, Europe, and Russia that will provide you with an overview of the car's real mileage, service history, damage history, vehicle information, special vehicle uses, and even theft reports.

The VIN number is all you need to know. It's a series of characters that serves as the car's signature. The VIN is simple to come by because it must be stamped on every vehicle produced by regulations. You'll probably see the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) near the bottom right corner of the vehicle's window, which is one of three locations where most current automobile manufacturers place it.

If you can't discover the VIN on the vehicle or if there is any hint that it has been tampered with, walk away. You're probably looking at a stolen automobile because there's no other logical explanation for removing the VIN or changing it.

However, if you're searching for a company that can do all of these features and more, consider our top pick. -> That being said, let's have a look at two of the finest vehicle history reports providers on the market - carVertical, which is an innovative and highly capable challenger, and AutoDNA, which is a traditional service.

autoDNA – the aging king of VIN decoders


We are able to offer you with reliable, accurate data. It's important to me that my clients are pleased with the information I provide. Reasonable pricing, Responsive website, Only verified facts from reputable sources in reports


For example, when using our AutoDNA testing method to check for eligibility, you'll often get several paid reports based on the country of origin of the automobile - many reports will be needed to examine a single vehicle. There is no option to purchase reports in bulk.

The brand's reputation is unrivaled, and its algorithms and databases have years of expertise. It also has a few limitations, including that musty odor that seems to be inherent in the production of older VIN decoders.

First, let's look at what autoDNA does well. The platform has established a reputation for housing only genuine data from recognized sources such as central vehicle registrations, national administration files, or those of financial institutions. They also have a user-friendly website and a fair pricing plan.

With an autoDNA report, you'll have access to the following information for each vehicle: – Model year, standard and optional features the car was equipped with by the manufacturer; type of fuel; engine power; etc. – Reported theft – Recalls and common errors – Service and mileage history – Special usage (such as taxi, delivery, or renting) - Archived photographs (if any are available)

That's a big list of information that will assist you in verifying the seller's story and gaining negotiating leverage.

However, there is a problem.

The major disadvantage of AutoDNA is that it separates each country's database, so you'll have to pay for many reports if you want access to all of the data on the automobile you're considering. Assume you're looking at a BMW and want a car history report.If you want to find out what countries throughout Europe, the United States, and Russia have reported a car stolen, you'll need access to many reports with autoDNA. And if you don't check out all of autoDNA's accessible nations since the vehicle may have been reported stolen in Russia and you only get data from Europe or the US, you'll go ahead with the transaction assuming everything is good when it's not.

AutoDNA has no bulk purchase discount, so you'll have to buy reports one at a time, which might triple the initial price.

Fortunately, there is a far superior option available.

carVertical – the latest youngster on the block that will develop into a star


Only utilizes current data from trusted sources Has its own internal verification process and methods to ensure data quality Uses a blockchain-based tamper-proof report system with an ever-increasing list of US and European data suppliers. Cheaper than top competitors Provides bulk purchase discounts


The very recent VIN decoder

The company was founded in 2018, which means it is based on current technology. CarVertical is based on data decentralization and employs blockchain to authenticate and safeguard the information it holds for millions of automobiles worldwide. Their method virtually guarantees that the data displayed on each car is genuine - by relying on trusted sources for data onboarding, fraudulent information is eliminated and the blockchain decentralized validation makes it impossible for anyone to alter the facts once they're in the system.

CarVertical's technology is probably the most comprehensive I've ever seen. It not only collects data from standard sources (central vehicle registries, national administration files, and so on) but also monitors on-board diagnostic devices to gather real-time information.

What services does carVertical provide when you get a vehicle history report?

That's an excellent question.

To begin, it's worth noting that rather than charging you multiple times to access all of their data on a car, as is the case with more established competitors, buying one automobile history report gives you access to every database on carVertical's platform.

After you pay for one report (which is more than what any of its competitors charge), you receive a vehicle history report that includes:

Vehicle data – verify the vehicle's production year, engine power, body type, fuel type, and gearbox.
The car's mileage, for example, may be determined by the odometer readings from numerous dates.
Accident and damage reports will help you investigate in further depth; you'll also receive an estimate of repair costs based on the nature and location of the damage.
All significant official events in the vehicle's history, such as registration locations, recorded transactions, technical inspections, and so on.
Reports of vehicle theft – numerous stolen car databases are crosschecked with the vehicle's VIN number in order to prevent duplicate notifications.
Strongest bonds—junkyard/salvage/insurance records, in addition to other NMVTIS data—are used to develop the whole available information on any vehicle registered in the United States.
If there are any archived photos, they will be displayed here.
The most frequent model defects and recalls - useful information to keep you on the lookout for prone to breaking down models.
Having the manufacturer's stated maintenance plan is quite beneficial if you compare it to the vehicle's service book records to see whether the car has been well maintained. You'll also notice precise dates for upcoming maintenance checks, allowing you to forecast future spending.
Check for any equipment changes or omissions.
No VIN decoder is perfect, but carVertical's comprehensive list of information, low pricing, and trustworthy data is as close as they come.

With a single vehicle history report, you may access to numerous databases in the United States, Europe, and Russia with the most advanced VIN decoder on the market.

carVertical vs AutoDNA – Conclusion

Most frequently checked brands in Europe are BMW, Audi, VW, and Skoda, so if you're interested in purchasing one of these vehicles, be sure to check for a trustworthy and reasonable BMW VIN decoder. A Skoda VIN decoder is also available; the same goes for a VW VIN decoder and an Audi VIN decoder.

Consumers can use services such as autoDNA and carVertical to verify the accuracy of a vehicle's specifications and history as presented by the seller. All brands and numerous databases are combined to make it simple for purchasers to authenticate a car's features and history as given by the seller.

CarVertical is a perfect example of how technology is changing at such breakneck speed that new firms are frequently able to make better use of the most recent technological advancements and create superior goods and services. That's certainly the case with carVertical, which has implemented cutting-edge blockchain technology and is vivacious in feeding even more data into its main database for anyone seeking to purchase a pre-owned automobile.

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