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Carvertical is the world's first blockchain-based automobile history register. The platform offers big reports about vehicle history, including title records, actual kilometers traveled, incidents and damages reported, whether the car has been stolen, as well as market valuations and more. This decoder wine also gathers data from various worldwide sources as well as receiving real-time information directly from machines in conjunction with motor vehicle title (NMVTIS) data.

Carvertical verifies and validates all data; Blockchain's trustworthiness is verified. In other words, the carvertical reports can't be falsified or otherwise changed. Carvertical, which was launched in the summer of 2018, is probably the most advanced vin decoder on the market because it incorporates cutting-edge technologies with simplicity of use.


  1. Only use fresh information.
  2. It uses unique methods for data quality assessment.
  3. Handling reports that are based on the blockchain.
  4. It is a continuously updated list of data sources in Europe and around the world.
  5. Cheaper than the competition
  6. It has the potential to become a market leader in the world.

The database model

CarVertical is currently trying to gather as much data as possible from various global sources, including Nmvis, other national and private registries, police databases, insurance databases, leasing databases, automobile auctions, and car dealers. Some information is updated in real time directly from vehicles thanks to daily updates from registers and databases. The company claims that it has:

In North America and Europe, there are more than 50 million damaged vehicles.

Mileage 104,000,000 USD + the recorded damage cost per day, Carvertical emphasizes the quality of data. Over 200 million frauds have occurred with Mileage 104 billion dollars worth of damages plus a daily expenditure for recorded damage. The squad has even developed the long-awaited industry-wide data standard. Furthermore, they employ artificial intelligence to analyze the data's quality. Blockchain's most significant advantage is that it prevents fraud by keeping information in several databases.


A carvertical report is a useful and dependable starting point for the purchase of a secondhand automobile since it reveals information that you can't discover with your own eyes: if the equipment has a specific mileage back, been stolen, or has other issues in the past. The system collects data from NMVTIS as well as various sources to create historical motor reports against fraud.


The Carvertical score is a general assessment of 1 to 10 given by the system when it investigates the verified automobile's condition. It includes three elements: damage, mileage records, and model failures. You may use the Carvertical Score to compare various automobiles you want to purchase.

Industrial resistance

carVertical is rapidly increasing the supply of vehicle reports, which have already been set up on over 10 European markets and are now available in the United States. carVertical has become a sign of trust in some countries. Second-hand automobile dealers frequently provide carVertical reports as proof that buyers can prove the real history of a vehicle.

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