The Transportation Infrastructure Act

The Transportation Infrastructure Act is the largest transportation infrastructure act in American history. The legislation will provide $21 billion for new investments over the next five years, as well as $10 billion for rural projects. The bill also includes funding for better roads, bridges, railways and waterways, as well as funding improvements to airports across the country.

The Transportation Infrastructure Act

The Transportation Infrastructure Act is a bill that was passed by the United States Congress in 2022. It authorizes $500 billion in funding for the transportation infrastructure of the United States, including airports, waterways and bridges. The bill was sponsored by US Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and US Representative John Katko (R-NY). The bill was signed into law by President Donald Trump on January 18th, 2023. The bill was passed in response to the crumbling state of US infrastructure in recent years. The bill has been hailed as a major step forward for improving US infrastructure, which had been sufferingfrom neglect for decades prior to its passage.

Largest Transportation Infrastructure Act

The largest transportation infrastructure act funding in history was recently passed and signed into law, making it the most comprehensive federal investment in our nation’s roads and bridges since President Dwight D. Eisenhower established the interstate highway system more than 60 years ago. The legislation provides $305 billion for surface transportation investments over six years, which will help to repair aging roads and bridges, modernize our transit systems, improve safety on our highways and enhance the efficiency of our railroads. The legislation represents the largest investment in transportation infrastructure since President Eisenhower established the interstate highway system more than 60 years ago. It will also improve safety on our highways and enhance the efficiency of our railroads.

This Legislation Transportation Infrastructure Act

The Transportation Infrastructure Act (TIA) will provide $1.5 billion annually to improve Canada’s transportation system, including infrastructure such as airports and seaports. The TIA will also establish the National Transit Strategy to set national goals for clean transport and sustainable transit systems across Canada.

How will this legislation impact you?

The TIA will benefit Canadians by providing more efficient and affordable transportation options that help grow our economy while reducing carbon emissions. It will also support meaningful First Nations participation in projects related to rail safety and marine oil spill response capacity on navigable waters shared between Canada and First Nation lands, which are two areas where improvements are needed immediately.

How can you get involved in this legislation?

We need your help! The Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (Committee) is currently accepting feedback from Canadians on how best to improve our transportation system using the online consultation tool available at https://consultations-transportsinfrastructureservices-juridiques2019-2020/ . You can also follow along with all things related togetherness through social media: @TransportCanadacom Twitter handle or Facebook page , as well as via email newsletter updates (sign up here ).

Funding means more transportation infrastructure act upgrades!

The Transportation Infrastructure Act is a critical piece of legislation that will bring needed upgrades to our nation’s transportation infrastructure. It increases funding for projects that create jobs, create economic growth and generate tax revenue for local communities. The Transportation Infrastructure Act is a win win win for the people of America: it allows them to enjoy a better quality of life by improving their roads, bridges and transit systems; it creates jobs; and it raises additional revenue for the federal government that can be used to reduce our debt burden.

This legislation will help us maintain our position as leader in global trade by providing funding for important projects like new highways, railways, bridges and tunnels. All essential components in making sure goods get from one place to another efficiently while reducing emissions by reducing congestion on roads or at ports around the globe!


Transportation infrastructure is an important part of our economy, and this legislation will help us improve the roads and bridges that connect us. The Transportation Infrastructure Act has many benefits for drivers, but it also provides new funding opportunities for local governments to invest in their own transportation projects. It’s always good news when Congress passes a bill like this one!